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Sasan's Homepage


Welcome to Sasan's Homepage. Greetings to all of you! I hope you are having fun checking me out.

First of all I would gladly introduce myself to you:

My name is Sasan and I have a B.Sc in fields of Telecommunication Electronics (Electrical Engineering) from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnics) AKU, in TEHRAN.

I had stayed in Germany for two years studying Data Communication Systems at Brunel University of Western London. at the Master of Science level in the Esslingen branch near Stuttgart. Meanwhile I worked for the interACTIV Multimedia Production GmbH, in the Distance Learning Section, both as a team member and for the purpose of the completion of my master project which was handed to my university at the end of September 1998. For further information please refer to my academic careers section.

Currently I enjoying my time working and studying in Canada.
Last updated in June 2000

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