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TM is an ancient and esoteric activity first discovered by an Indian Maharishi. I learnt the TM techniques in Jan 1994 in Tehran.

The whole period of the class was divided into three sessions held in three days. In the first two days the complete issue about TM was introduced to us, covering the spoken method, it's benefits and features, handling any unexpected change in feelings while practicing the technique and so on. The third day was a long one, in which, each of us was given a specific time slice, by which, the trainer had a one-on-one control over teaching and practicing the techniques for the first time after a special ceremony. In this session we were given a unique secret and meaningless phrase named Mantra as a key word.

The Technique:

First you must sit on a very comfortable place, where there is no pressure on any parts of your body. Then give yourself some relaxation commands, such as: you are totally calm and relax, all parts of your body are in motionless states, etc. With this, you bring clamness and remove any tension away. Now is the time to start repeating your Mantra silently, and then.... (you should learn the complete technique by a professional trainer!)

This takes about 20 minutes until you return to your ordinary activity state. The whole procedure must be repeated twice a day with a minimum of 5 hours difference between each.

It is worthy to note that, there is a university in USA named Maharishi University of Management, which is based on TM techniques as a powerful tool in brightening the talents of the students. For more information click on the title TM.

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