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In the following I have mentioned some of my favorite quotes gathered from the book: Living, Loving and Learning, from Leo Bi Scaglia, Ph.D.

Note that the book I have is a translation into Farsi and I re-translated those parts back into English. So if they don't match the ones in the true copy, understand where the problem would have arisen from!!.


                        .... If I could only meet someone in my entire life who would love me unrestrictedly and boundlessly.

                        .... If you're permanently seeking joy and pleasure, you are in a great mistake! In life, besides joy and pleasure, there are lots of sadness and pains and that's the exact meaning of life, a scene full of contradictions.

                        .... When I love you and you have the same feelings, we're like two parallel mirrors, by which, our ever-lasting reflections help us see the boundless limits.

                        .... Buddha said: The mankind will achieve all the glories and honors of the life when he/she stops expecting from others.

                        .... Having all the facilities in life is not important, but the satisfaction of the things you have.

                        .... Don't escape from sorrow and pain. Take them in our hand, feel them and then throw them away and step forward.

                        .... If a hammer was the only facilities in our hand, then it would be natural that we would behave with others like nails!


The following quotes are from the book: How to stop worrying and start living from D. C.


                        .... When you feel inside that you are on the right side, don't get sad from other one's false act.

                        .... The smell of the affection odor always remains on a hand dedicating flowers.

                        .... From a cell two were staring outside, the first one was looking at the metal bars and the other one was hopefully watching the blinking stars glowing millions of miles away.

                        .... Realize your true values. You were born unique.

                        .... I was upset from not having proper shoes until I came across a man who had no feet!

                        .... Our lives are creations of our thoughts

                        .... Fable must be in your outlooks not in the thing you are looking at.

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