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Can you see a dog here?

Psychological books have been much into my life for the past 5 years, which somehow maintain the issues of TM and Hypnotism.

Coming to know the people, their behaviors and reasons for their acts caused this sense of interest in me. My favorite topic in psychology is the classifications of the people, sorted by different tests.

I used to have a big list, containing 210 fundamental questions by which many aspects of a person are discussed in an indirect fashion. The questions indirectly point to issues that if they were asked directly from the person, he/she might give intentianlly false statement or no answer at all! Therefore I really get valuable information from the answers. I sometimes speak about the points I find in the person's character and they cause people somehow filled with wonder how I could achieve these results in a short time!

In the followings, the address of online psychological tests are given by which you can receive some information about your own character.

The Keirsey Character Sorter

Free IQ Test

My Questionnaire List of Fundamental Psychological Questions

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