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Sasan's Selected Photographs "1999 to 2001".

Click on the thumbnails for enlargement and enjoy!! :)

My friend, Frank's home in Frankfurt Germany:) "June 1999"

Standing in a market place in Luxembourg, Europe "June 1999"

A Comparison between Eiffel Tower and I!! "June 1999"

Again the Great Paris and Arce de Triomphe "June 1999"

Me writing in memory of the loss of Princess Diana in the exact location where the tragedy took place "June 1999"

Stefan, my neighbour in Muhltal, Darmstadt (Germany) "July 1999"

The very first days of my immigration to Canada, Toronto "August 1999"

Dr. Payam Pooyan, my co-worker in Maryland USA "August 1999"

A small party in celebration of our boss's trip-away from the office :)) "September 1999"

A Party at my boss's house "November 1999"

Halloween Party "November 1999"

I met my recent girl friend in Halloween Party...hehe "November 1999"

Opps..having a new girl friend in the Halloween Party didn't last too long.."Sahebesh omad!! :))" "November 1999"

Having a nice dinner with a bunch of Doctors and Engineers at Red Tomato Restaurant in Washington DC "November 1999"

A lovely night with College Park Students at Diva Club in DC "November 1999"

Photos of Canada, Vancouver BC and Ottawa ON 2000-2001

Hiking with SFU students (Shahin Jabbari in the picture) "April 2000"

A lovely scene of Deep Cove Lake in North Vancouver with high tech guys :) "June 2000"

Latin Festival in North Vancouver "August 2000"

Macs!! in North Vancouver"August 2000"

My friend's Party in East Vancouver "September 2000"

In an Iranian live concert in Vancouver "October 2000"

In a Starbucks Cafe, the same night "October 2000"

BCIT "British Columbia Institute of Technology" where I used to teach parts of SSD "Software System's Developments" "October 2000"

Milestons Restaurant in Vancouver "October 2000"

Milestons Restaurant in Vancouver "October 2000"

Milestons Restaurant in Vancouver "October 2000"

My house mates in North Vancouver:O) "October 2000"

My Good Bye Party from Vancouver "November 12th 2001"

A view of one of Nortel Network's Tower in Ottawa "March 2001"

A part of my working department at Nortel Networks in Ottawa "March 2001"

Shahnam and I in Famouse Player "March 2001"

Shahnam and I in front of Shahnam's work area, Kanata "March 2001"

Photos after March 2001 are to be posted, wait and see @(*_*)@