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My life without music in it, is like a soundless old black and white film. Music brings color and freshness to my life. It acts like a catalysator. It lasts for ever, helps us carry on through sorrow and joy, makes us feel the pass of the time and to remember moments of our life, and it won't stop!

I play my own music as well. I used to play with organs since June 1991 and now I work in a more professional way. I'm so happy and proud that I'm able to generate any sort of music out of this magic musical box.

MP3 Sound System

MP3 is a music format with great CD quality sound. You can download songs from the net (or make your own) and play them right on your computer and they sound fantastic. To have access to the search engine of the MP3 files press this button.

It is necessary to note that MP3 files are not allowed for permanent use. Therefore they must be deleted after 24 hours. The reason for having public access to MP3 files is to recognize the good quality of your favorite song for the future purchase.

To download the software used for playing back the MP3 files, click on it's figure:

My Favorite Singers

My Favorite Singers of the Past

My Favorite Present Singers


The followings are some favorable singles "Sound and Video":

Le Click - Heaven's got to be better "Real Audio"

Le Click - Call me US Release "Real Audio"

Le Click - Tell me that you want me "Real Audio"

Spice Girls - 2 becomes one "Mov"

Spice Girls - 2 becomes one "Avi"

Spice Girls - spice up your life "Mov"

Spice Girls - spice up your life "Avi"

Spice Girls - wanna be "Mov"

Spice Girls - wanna be "Avi"

Bruce Springsteen - Streets Of Philadelphia

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

Corona - Walking on music

Dr Motte & Westbam - Sunshine

Mariah Carey - Butterfly

Mariah Carey - Without You

Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor

Alexia - Me And You

Welcome to Jack's MP3 Cafe!

Here you can find some of my favorite singles.

Some Lyrics

A Very Wide Range of MIDI Files

Persian MIDI Music

ANDY - Sheytanat ;o)

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