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My    Mentality!

It has been quoted that a Scorpio knows where he stands on and his life is a combination of calculations, comparisons and results.

Well that's completely right. Besides, I strongly believe in God. Just step forwards and request him Truly Madly and Deeply, then you'll have your wish fulfilled.

Another specification quoted for a Scorpio is that he builds up many cardinal mental categories and he always tries to order his thoughts in one of the available groups.

Well that's also true for me. I try to understand the meaning of life and death and whatever may fit in this between (it also includes you, your feelings, your needs and your problems). I believe, after so many years of thoughts, this world that we live in doesn't worth a damn thing without love. By love I mean mutual feeling which should be free from selfishness and inattention towards other's pain.

Let your feelings expressed, before they sink at the buttom of your heart!

I spend a good period of time thinking about my qualities and my targets. This has been my favorite activity since five years ago.

I also love the nature. I always find times when I just feel that no one in this world can give me satisfactions like nature does. I tremendously adore a bright cloudy warm weather with lots of smooth winds. It really gives me a sort of ecstasy I can't describe. This is the time when I just come out and start walking alone for hours and only listen to the nice pitch of wind waves blowing about my head. Then I start whispering my animative hymn.....

Altogether I found myself to be a very sensitive person, who can be easily touched down to cry by a sudden look at a tiny flower grown in a gap between two rocks and can be as tough and steady as an iceberg against difficulties and bad behaviors. Oh by the way I hate liars down to death so be careful :)

I enjoy music greatly. I try to assign different thoughts and feelings to my favorite songs, so whenever they are played back, they make me filled with hopes, aims and feelings. They simply lighten the horizon of my vast dreams.

I'm a person who's inclinations are mostly towards my inside world, while participating well enough with my outside environment and the people I deal with, which make me counted as a sociable fellow.

My Family

My father is a professor and a faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnics). His B.Sc. was in Electromechanics from Tehran University in 1965.

His M.Sc. was in Computer Architecture and his Ph.D. was in Solid State Electronics both achieved from he California University of Santabarbara (1973-1977).

My Mother is a primary school teacher, teaching the 2nd grade of a girl's school in Tehran.

I have one 22 year old sister who studies Agriculture Engineering in Azad University in Tehran.

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