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To Ashge Man

Long-Distance Love

          A gentle breeze
     softly lands on my cheek
        ... a kiss ...
          sent from you.
 Stars gaze down from the heavens
         watching over us
          while we sleep
          Each ray of sun
           fills my soul
          with your love.
      The elements understand
          and do their best
          to bridge the gap
               of space
              between us.
   I long to hold you in my arms...
      to gaze into your eyes...
     to kiss your tender lips...
to share more than just our thoughts...
    to turn our dreams into reality.
   'Til our eyes meet again
              I'll rely on
      the beauty that surrounds us
              to remind me
     of the wonderful person you are.
       Though miles may separate us
         you're never farther than
  a thought... a dream... a phone call...
           always reminding me
          that you're right here --
      on my mind... and in my heart...

    -Poem by Kim Williams-Cardon

Salam Azizm, you know, you are one of the wonderfu
people I have ever meet in my life! You the most
amazing person in the whole world!

I do not think I will ever regrate having
relationship with you, b/c u teach me so
many thing and u make me sometimes relize
things in my life which i have not tought
about it! u r wonderfull! & LOVE U :)

- Nahideh
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"Long-Distance Love"
by Kim Williams-Cardon

This original poem was selected as a Finalist
in the Twelfth Tri-Annual Blue Mountain Arts Poetry Card Contest.
If there are any errors, corrections or omissions noted,
please contact
Poetry: Copyright  © 2001 by Kim Williams-Cardon.  All rights reserved

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