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 I Ching

I Ching or the Oracle of change is said to be the most ancient script available today. It's history goes back to about 3000 years ago.

I won't go through the history and details here, but if you are interested, a few related links will be introduced.

It simply specifies that in time that you have a question about any thing and you need a good and wise consultant, you can ask I Ching. You simply need to have 3 small coins, similar in shape. Then you must concentrate on the question and throw the coins 6 times. Each time you must record the states of the coins, if they are heads and/or tails. Each head (numbered side) bears a value of 2 and the tail (armed side) bears the value of 3.

Then you must order the recorded numbers from bottom up. Therefore if your throwings were, for example as follow:

                                                   1). Head - Head - Head

                                                   2). Head - Head - Head

                                                   3). Head - Tail - Head

                                                   4). Tail - Head - Tail

                                                   5). Tail - Tail - Tail

                                                   6). Tail - Tail - Tail

then your orders should look like this:







Then the following symbols and numbers are to be assigned:





Therefore the result is:






Each 6 is written in two forms. First as an 8 an then as a 7.

Each 9 also is written once as a 7 and then as an 8.

Therefore in each set of numbers carrying at least one 6 or 9, there will be two sets of symbols, therefore two answers, usually interpreted as a close (close in time) answer and a far answer.

Therefore as for our example, the sets of symbols are:







There is a 64 element table, in which the upper three elements define the raws and the lower three elements define the columns of this table. Therefore by knowing the intersecting number between the column and the raw you must refer to its section and read the answer of your question.

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