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This issue is some how similar to TM but more practical with lots of details and techniques.

The truth behind Hypnotism is the extra ordinary capabilities of our brains. You should know that we have two levels of brain's activities. One is called Consciousness, which is the awareness and person's conscious thoughts and feelings, such as his/her daily states of thoughts. You have much control on this part, while you are able to think about any desirable thoughts. The second level is the state of unconsciousness, which entitles the much bigger part of our mind that is not normally accessible to our daily thoughts. Its just like an iceberg, which most of it's volume is kept under the water and only a small percentage of the whole is visible above the sea level. So is the brain's information and abilities. There each of us carries huge amount of information and capacities but we use them only as much as %5.

There are two techniques, the first is the self-hypnotism and the second other is other-hypnotism. In the first method, the relaxation commands must be given by you to yourself. With this technique you will be able to experience some features of the Trance but not much. You can work and program on your self-confidence and induce desirable inductions.

In the second method, the relaxation commands are given by the hypotizer. With this method the subject (person under the relaxation commands) can achieve a higher degree of Trance. This is of a special consideration when the person suffers from a mentally deadlock and is unaware of it's cause. The hypnotizer is able to refresh all the dead-long-ago memories and try to solve the problems.

The Technique

The same process as for TM goes, is applied here also at first. You must find a comfortable sitting or lying position and then you relax and must give or must be given the relaxation commands. The type of the commands varies by the aim of being hypnosed. However one the several effective methods that I use are as follow:

1. Imagine a powerful relaxation source is being developed in the middle of your body. Feel the calmness and power of relaxation, then try to stretch it all over the body.

2. Look constantly to my fingers while I count up from 1 to 20. By each count you feel you are getting closer to a very deep sleep and heaviness of a deep sleep gets closer and closer in you. You can't avoid it. Your body really needs a very heavy and delighted sleep, during which, no undesired effect or feelings would occurred.

Practicing these methods, usually causes %90 of the subjects to fall into an acceptible depth of Trance. Then I keep on deepening the sleep depth during the Trance state.

In Trance state as a part that I enjoy practsing it is the use of hypnotism in reviewing the past old memories and also predicitng the future events! In a deep Trance state, the subject is ready to be induced by the hypnotizer. He might ask the subject to go forward in the future. Some times I ask the subject: Do you see me in the next year or so? What am I doing? Can you see the calendar some where in the place you are? Tell me the exact time and date. And so on.

The answers I get from the above questions are important to me, even though they might not really happen in the future. The reason for their importance is that the subject under such a situation has access to his whole capabilities and information. When a question is being asked from the subject, the answer is issued according to having access to this extra knowledge and capabilities. Therefore the answers are maintained by an intelligent source.

I also use these methods to induce certain thoughts, ideas or feelings in the subject. The results are incredible. Once I brought my friend, Payam, into a deep Trance state, then I told him to imagine himself in the most desirable place he always had dreamt of. Then his smile began to grow so wide and he began to cry of joy. I asked him why he was crying, he said it is absolutely amazing how his feelings were. He requested me not to bring him out of that place and leave him there forever!

Once one of my friends predicted that I will marry a girl from Holland in June 2000 and we will move to USA and I'll become a professor of a university. I looked like those professors who has a rounded beard!! Let's see if this happens or not!!

This issue is much more complex than what I can mention here in few lines. And it also has great deal of benefits rather than being just a game.

It is absolutely necessary to mention that without preliminary knowledge about Hypnotism and a trainer to teach you the subject, applying the techniques by a non-expert would be harmful.

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