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My   Favorite   Links

The followings are a number of my favorite links and programs from the Internet:

The IRAN Online

In this site you may find the following options:

- What's new?

- Iran Hall

- Chat

This is my favorite chat site :)

- Classified

- Yellow Pages

- Magazine

- Art

- Kids & Youth

- Multimedia

Here you can find some Persian music and poem stuffs.

- Newsroom

- Rainbow

In relation to Iranian cultural clubs & associations.

- Bookstore

- Site map

- And More!


This is another interesting chatroom I use to go some times :)

The followings are some alternative web sites:

AltaVista Translator

In this program the following languages are maintained:

- English to French

- English to German

- English to Italian

- English to Portuguese

- English to Spanish

- French to English

- German to English

- Italian to English

- Spanish to English

- Portuguese to English

MP3 Sources on the Internet

In this site you find a very powerful search engine which enables you to find almost any kind and titled music files mostly in the MP3 format. However other type of music files, such as: WAV, RA (Real Audio), MIDI and etc, are also available.

What is MP3?

MP3 stands for MPEG 1 layer 3, which is a way to store music files on a computer disk in such a way that the file size is relatively small, but the song sounds near perfect. You can identify MP3 files because they will end in .MP3. To get quickly up and running, consider ordering the 2 CD combo. It contains everything you need - over 200 software titles, 1175 Winamp skins and 148 CD quality MP3 songs.

In the Music section, you'll find the WINAMP necessary software for running the .MP3 files.

Listen to the quality of your music and enjoy :)

Alborz High School in Tehran

This is my high school where I have studies for 7 years and I got my diploma with the emphasis of mathematics/physics in June 1990.

In this site many links in relation to the Alborz High School are available both about the Alumni and etc.


The cardmaster is an electronic greeting card service that lets users send and receive electronic greeting card over the Internet. One needs to have a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer to view the CardMaster cards. You simply choose a card image, background music (optional) and write a personal message if you will, then send it to the recipient's e-mail address. All inforamtion is sent through e-mail instead of sending any paper card via snail mail.

Alternative Iranian Sites

Payvand's Site

Lots of interesting stuffs you may find here.

Tehran-Stanford Site

very nice site with downloadable images and a colection of Persian poems.

Persia Net.

Iranian Cultural Information Center.

Nedstat Counter

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