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Astrology is one of the most ancient branches of science. It simply specifies that the exact time and place of birth bears valuable information about the construction of the human's attributes. I believe it's true somehow in the following sense:

First of all, we know that each human being carries some genes, which were received from his/her parents which also were affected by his/her grand parents and so on. With the information on our genes and chromosomes, we carry about 5 billions of different codes in our body. These codes give exact information about our physical and mental behaviors.

Not much so far has been revealed to the scientists about the exact type of influences that these codes have on our attributes. However, if one day we could analyze these codes completely, there won't be any mystery in the human being's behaviors and also from these information, exact predictions can be conducted about the future changes in some one's behaviors.

So how astrology is related to this issue?

Ans. The time when a baby is constructed in the mother's womb, the chromosomes of the parents are joint to form a new combination. At this time the cosmic rays affect this combination and those 5 billiard codes of the child. Because of the periodicity of the rotations of the planetary system, the type and intensities of those cosmic rays obey a certain periodical patterns, which repeat themselves from time to time.

Since there were no precise measurement devices in those good old days, these patterns could only be measured by some simple devices and also by the study on the people who were born in same months and years. Therefore that is why we do not have a unique book in astrology and each region or country has its own specifications mostly according to the local statistic information.

This is my belief and nothing more! I don't believe in the tables, which are published weekly saying, for example to a Libra person not to go out this week, because she is going to have a crash! Or just step outside this week, since this is your week! These are non-sense.

It is pretty soon to discover the exact secret of the effects of the cosmic rays on our codes in time of the construction of human's body and soul. So till then, accept these few general points that the people born on the same day or in the same month would have in common.

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